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Posterity –Chris Wall

Chords: Gm Bb Eb F – Gm Bb Cm Gm F

We’re in the foreign line
And no one’s getting out alive
We’re backed against the ropes
The crowd is screaming for blood

Two young lovers lost in this frozen universe
Starstruck and holding onto anything that floats
guess it’s true when we met that were wrapped up in life
Nothing came between us but the doubt in your eyes
And every doubt grows steady as a spot to the blaze
It’ll burn your house down, burn your house down (echo) ///

Can anybody tell me
What kind of machine this is
It’s beating like a drum
Against the back of my eyes
Pour more chemicals into the water supply
Take a look around you, man, they’re dropping like flies
I wanted for nothing more than you to see me come alive
Can’t you understand it’s recognition I strive for
So I stand here watching as you’re sailing away
And it makes my heart break, makes my heart break (echo) ///

[Chorus] We are born helpless, on fire
And don’t forget that you
You will rule the world (repeat last line once)

This is the last stop
Join the ranks, file off
It’s 7 in the morning and you’re way off the chain /
High on equity, you’re so deep in your profanity
That people just look through you
Like you’re not even real
And it’s a beautiful thing to see the world from this place
Drifting through the suits with a smile on your face
And as the sun breaks free from it municipal cage
You will never look back, never look back (echo) //

[Chorus] (repeat last line twice)

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